Dear list members,

I wanted to remind everyone of the purpose of this list: it is for the
sharing and disseminating of information related to supporting Israel,
including articles/sources that might provide relevant ideas and arguments
to give us tools to strengthen that support, and action items.

While I encourage personal discussion and exploration among individuals,
we must remember that there are over fifty people on this list, primarily
for the two reasons mentioned about.

To that end, I would ask everyone to carefully evaluate your emails before
sending them (not to mention formatting them), in light of the number of
people, their mixed backgrounds, and the relevance of the email to a)
providing a source, or information that would help others on the list
to support Israel, or b) action items that help to support Israel.

The question of an individual's Left/Right political ideology, or other
personal positions/views, are not relevant to this list.  Subscribers span
the spectrum, and I encourage you to interact with individuals if you wish
to discuss their views.  The only relevance of Left/Right, and similar
issues, to this list is in giving an understanding of the issues in a way
that directly provides us with tools to further our support of Israel.

Please be mindful of what you send to the list.


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