I must have missed some discussion... Kate, why do you assume you'll be
cut off from the list? Your committment to Israel is commendable, and if
you're really going there to join the army then not one of us can say to
you a word of reproach. There are right- and left-of center Zionists; the
last thing we need is further fractioning, which can only weaken our
cause. I don't get offended when Zionists attack right-wingers because my
Zionist identity is far stronger than that of a "right-winger". I'm sure
the same holds for you. Let's remember that we're all Jews (certain
extreme Orthodox standards notwithstanding), and we're all passionately
committed to the Israeli cause.

Just my 2 cents,

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Kate Zangrilli wrote:

> Just thought I'd put in a word for Leftish Israelis, although I don't agree
> with them about the terrotories:
> There is so much hatred in Israel perpetrated by the religious fanatics who
> draw swastikas on Zionist signs and don't even fight in the army, living
> while studying Torah on the paycheck of some poor mechanic in Akron.  On the
> taxes of hard-working Americans like you and me.
> Israel will lose more and more support should Gush Emumin and the other
> fanatics institute a theocracy.  Leftish Zionists, like Amos Oz, don't have
> a racial superiority complex that is anti-humanist.  (Oz)
> Religious jews can be pro-Israel, but the truth is that while wanna-be
> Zionists don't actuallly have to pick up arms to serve in the army, real
> Zionists are dying for something different than a racist theocracy that no
> Messiah would ever visit. (Oz.). Those on the religious right don't fight
> for what they believe in.  Polina V. insists that the YZOA is a right-wing
> organization, and in that case, I'll join the real Zionists when I leave for
> the army there.  Although I am NOT Jewish by Orthodox standards (although
> the Torah suggests that differently), I have a right to be a Zionist, like
> any old-school kibbutzer.
> I guess you'll cut me off your mailings, which is your loss, but I don't do
> "right-wing" stuff.  I'm hawkish and passionately committed to the State of
> Israel, but I'm not about theocracies.  That's what the Left is trying to
> say:  Give us our land; preserve our peace and the right to live without
> Diaspora, but don't cram your fixations down my throat.  Next time you
> criticize the left, think of Begin; think of Hertzl, think of any of the
> powerful Jewish kings of seasons past.  They weren't doves, but they didn't
> advocate a special classist place for the holier-than-thou caste.
> -Kate Zangrilli
> -I still would be intersted in furthering the cause, even though P suggests
> that I'm too left-wing.  I'm sure you remember all my efforts on many
> levels, and I am willing to put up with whatever racism you have in store
> for me...for the sake of the State of Israel.
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