Simona, you are contradicting yourself. On the one hand you are calling
for more unity and less diversity, on the other hand you are assuming the
supporting Israel is automatically supporting the Democrats, thus we all
should promote Democrat candidates.
Under the assumption that what you like (i.e., Democrats) overlaps with
Israel's best interest (or with others' political opinions) you are
creating even deeper dichotomy.
In psychology we call it "false consensus effect" (truly!!)
I suggest to avoid these kinds of assumptions. The one thing I was
impressed at the DC mission is that almost all Congresspersons said that
there is a bi-partisan support in Israel in the Congress. Thus, refraining
from political identification here is an imperative (as long as it doesn't
hurt Israel). It also will prevent harsh disagreements among us (and I
even haven't expressed my preferences). The strength of teh ZOA is that it
turns to both parties, and we cannot jepordize that achievment!!

Secondly, Jacques Katz is running the YZOA. In the short time that he is
running the organization with other people (e.g., Polina) they have built
a very energetic and useful organization. There were various activities
that were organized by the YZOA. In the current case (and people know that
when I don't like something I say it), I think that you shoot to the wrong
target. They are doing an excellent job, and we should be grateful and
offer our help.  I think that productive offers should be heard over the
YZOA meetings that are being held every other week. And that is the place
that you, me, and everyone who wants to contribute can express their
Simona, I know that you have great mind and you are very skilled in
organizing and above all I know that you care. Let the YZOA enjoy your
talents (even if you promote Democrats);-))

> I'd like to request that the list be moderated.
> ALthough one's opinoins about other Jews may be valid
> in some respects it is not the purpose of this list.
> The purpose of this list is to increase the knowledge
> and awareness of Israel in the community. So far
> little has been done to spread the message about
> Israel to the local community. While the folks on this
> list are well versed in all topics concerning Israel
> we are simply preaching to the choir and we need to
> start reach the congregation as well.
> Okay, that being said. We all need to actually get up
> off our butts and do something about the fact that
> Israel is much maligned in our media and by the so
> called educated classes. We can start off by involving
> ourselves in local Dmeocratic activities promoting
> Democratic candidates who will support ISrael. We
> should also ask those people who are morons of our
> society to discontinue the practice of supporting
> ISrael. The last thing we all need is Pat Robertson
> supporting us. A letter writing campaign to Mr.
> Roberston would be a good start. Right now he's
> praying for Justice Ginsberg and her colleauges to die
> and be replaced by conservatives so he's definately
> not a good person for us!
> Furthermore, protests and anti-protests need to be
> organized. There are lectures and programs across teh
> city that are geared towards making Israel look like
> the blood thirsty oppressor and there is no Zionist
> presence at these lectures armed with thougthful
> questions and knowledge.
> I'm not sure who is running the YZOA these days but
> more than a list serv is needed. Meetings and
> discussions are the only way to start action in
> support of Israel and these meetings and discussions
> need to be timed in such a way so that people with
> jobs and responsibilities are able to attend and
> participate.
> Thank You,
> Simona Loberant
> =====
> Simona L. Loberant
> "Every now and then go away, even briefly, have a little relaxation, for
> when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer; since to
> remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power."
> **Leonardo da Vinci
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