On Fri, 13 Apr 2012, Holger Zuleger wrote:

> Hi Tomas,
>> I am trying to use zkt to sign two zones, tlund.se and 
>> ipv6-only.tlund.se and I am having trouble understanding what I need to 
>> do to get zkt to insert data from ipv6-only.tlund.se into the 
>> parentzone tlund.se.
>> Directory structure is as follows:
>> /etc/bind/dnssec/tlund.se/
>> /etc/bind/dnssec/tlund.se/ipv6-only.tlund.se/
>> These two dirs contains a zone.db for respective domain. After running 
>> zkt, it generates a signed zone zone.db.signed for both tlund.se and 
>> ipv6-only.tlund.se, but no DS-records for ipv6-only.tlund.se are 
>> included in the parent zone.
> please check if you have set the parameter KeysetDir to ".." in the 
> dnssec.conf file.

This was indeed not set and after adding it to the config, my two zones 
are now signed and have a correct delegation. Thank you for your help!


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