I have a domain but my registrar dosn't do dnssec so i use the isc dlv 
system to publish my KSK.

This all works ok.

my current KSK is nearing the end of it's life so i want to do the ksk 
rollover and get the new ksk in the isc dlv system.

afaict the sequence is something like:

# generate new ksk
zkt-keyman -k -C pointless.net
# and resign and reload zone
zkt-signer -r -v -v

# find keyid and publish (?) (not needed?)
zkt-keyman -P <keyid>
# and resign and reload zone
zkt-signer -r -v -v

# give DS etc to upper zones, wait for propergation/ttl etc.
# after waiting make new key active
zkt-keyman -A <keyid>
# and resign and reload zone
zkt-signer -r -v -v

# wait for propergation/ttl etc.
# now depreciate the old key
zkt-keyman -D <oldkeyid>
# and resign and reload zone
zkt-signer -r -v -v

I've done the first step and i can see the DNSKEY record with dig and so can 

zkt-ls shows it in 'sta' state

If I try to publish the new key i get:

zkt-keyman: Couldn't change status of key 16611: 1

looking in the dir i see:


so it's there, but .published rather then .private?

Looking through the source that means it's already published.

ISC DLV system can see the key, and can fetch it etc, but it complains that:

4.208:INFO VERIFY-DNSKEY: 1 keys found after filtering.
4.208:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: Using keys:
4.209:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: tag=16611 flags=257 alg=RSASHA1 
4.209:DEBUG VERIFY-DNSKEY: To verify rrset type DNSKEY
4.212:FAILURE DNSKEY signature verification failed: Signing key not found

Looking with dig (as far as i can tell) the rrsig's use the existing ksk and

So is there some bit in the dnskey record that needs setting?

I guess that i can go ahead and activate it, but I want to check that that
won't replace the existing key.

Presumably it's ok to have 2 KSK's for a short time?

I'm using zkt-1.1.0 (compiled myself) on debian.

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