On 1/10/13 12:17 PM, Brian Kroth wrote:

> It seems that zkt can do some of the "smart signing" (inclusion of
> appropriate ds and dnskey records) as well, though requires a different
> zone layout for me to be able to use it.

This only answers a small portion of your overall question, but one easy
way to get a zonefile into the format that zkt wants is to use
named-compilezone in the BIND distribution.  named-compilezone (simply a
different invocation of named-checkzone) also does sanity/syntax
checking on the zone itself, so that's an added benefit.  When I worked
at UC Berkeley, I used zkt for the signing and key management of
hundreds of zones, and adding named-compilezone to all of the perl goo
that manages zonefiles and builds them out from the backend database was
really easy.  Then all I had to do was let zkt do its magic.

Some reasonable invocation of 'named-compilezone -F text' will work for
this purpose.


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