I am Mr Tom Crist a  retired CEO and the lucky winner of $40 million in the 
Calgary Lottery Draws, I decided to donate all of my winnings to charity and 
cancer research as i saw my new found wealth as a means of helping others much 
in need ,please refer to the news link for further information on my winnings

I know this would come as a surprise to you,but be rest assured that as a man 
who believes in the word of God i know that in my heart it  is always better to 
give than to receive,see Luke 12:33-34 .Please note that  this  was the dying  
wishes of my late wife who died of cancer, before her  death us  and  the   
children always  made plans to make donations from time to time for years to 
come,thats why my first project after receiving my money was to make a donation 
of $1.2 Million Dollars  to the Tom Baker cancer centre where Jan was treated 
Before her death . see news link  for further information I am therefore 
writing to inform you that the Tom Crist Foundation in collaboration with the 
Tom Baker Cancer Centre has donated a check of $1 Million to you to help spread 
Cancer Awareness by means of small donations to cancer groups ,patients and 
research around  your area ,your email details was formally submitted to us by 
Google-powered email newsletter software operated by legally registered 
Canadian freelance Techs which is located here in Calgary Canada ,kindly 
forward Name, Age, Telephone Number and Country. Sincerely TOM CRIST FOUNDATION 
1301 16th Ave NW Calgary, Alberta, CANADA T2M 0L4


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