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> Okay, hello everyone. Seems like I get the honor to open this mailing list.
> So welcome everyone! Lets get developed! :)
> I am not sure when the next meeting is taking place. It assume Dec. 27th
> had no meeting? Then maybe on Jan. 3rd or 10th. We should announce this
> timely. Unfortunately, I could not yet listen to the whole of the last
> recording, so maybe I missed some info on this.
> In the meantime, I need some clarification on another subject:
> Where are we storing ideas? Ideas how to improve existing websites and
> services or create new ones.
> I see good ideas spread all over the place: forum, wiki, etc, etc. But I
> fear they will be ignored for the most part. We need one central hub. In it,
> you will be able to search through all ideas concerning pootle, for example.
> That way, we can easily get an overview of what is needed, what is
> currently under development, and what may be done later. Also, we don't have
> to take the same ideas from different people anymore, as they can just be
> pointed to our list: Here, we already think of this, maybe they want to
> contribute.
> I am not sure whether we need to wait for a complete Project Management
> System to do this collecting and sorting task. I don't think so. PMS is more
> the next step then, to collaborate and work on specific ideas. But we need a
> central idea storage point first. Or, at least, I think it will greatly help
> in gaining overview.
> I thought about all that, because I have just been told some points about
> pootle, that may be adressed by @lukas or whoever feels responsible, and I
> dont know if you know them already, and/or work on them, so here they go
> again:
> Pootle:
> - why is there no "forgot password" option, that sends you the email with
> login info again
> - why do registered tzm users have to confirm another email, at all, before
> they can use pootle? this is felt to be an unneccessary hinderance
> - there is no info that user have to wait for @lukas or @gman to enable
> them to some rights, before the user can actually go on and translate
> The last point should maybe also be talked about in the pootle help wiki
> page, so users don't wander off confused and never come back to check their
> permissions again.
> Well, that was one long opening mail. Sorry for mixing different topics.
> Hope you have a good time.
> :)
> Kebap
> then again, variety is the spice of life
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The question of development idea storage is a good one.  I know launchpad
has an "Answers" section which I enabled on zmsocial.
I think that this may work for now with each idea being a question.

This has some nice functionality, like subject checking (you enter a subject
for your question and it checks for related questions)

Also question can then be turned into bug reports and/or assigned to a
developer for more investigation.

Answers have to be enabled before they work, so I enabled on the zmsoial
project and added an example question
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