Great question.
Here are some thoughts:

1) Complete the official ZM Project Protocol.

What constitutes an official ZM site or development project? This document
(already emerging in the wiki) would answer this question, describe the
organization structure of the Programming Sub-Team, describe how meetings
are conducted, how ideas should be presented to the group, how a project is
proposed, submitted, accepted, developed, integrated, maintained, etc. This
protocol could extend perhaps into design/layout specifications in order to
promote a cohesive appearance across all ZM web projects, lending an air of
legitimacy and stability to the movement overall.

2) Unify websites and user data across the movement.

It is widely recognized that ZM users have splintered off into various areas
of the main site, various 3rd party sites, and elsewhere, establishing
distinct and separate logins, profiles and communities, self-organizing and
self-directing in ways that may or may not be in accordance with the goals
of the movement. While the proliferation of ZM-related sites is positive and
contributes to the growth of the movement, it can also have a negative
effect on organization and communication. To achieve unification across the
movement requires a centralized medium for the flow of data. This could be
realized as an API to the main database that allows read and write access to
user info and profile information. Such a system would allow all existing
and future external apps/websites to tie into the central database,
strengthening the network and preventing splintering/pyramiding of web
communities. The main website and its database should serve as the central
data hub to which all externally developed apps are required to interface.

3) Improve guidance to newcomers.

After filling out the initial email form on the main site, a new user is let
loose to explore the site, relatively unguided. Free exploration is great,
but we do have a goal. We want to engage our newcomers, identify their
interests and guide them toward opportunities for communication,
contribution and activism. By capturing some additional information about
our new users, we can deliver a customized roadmap of interest-specific
information that guides them through the next steps of involvement: Creating
a full profile, getting onto IRC, setting up Mumble, joining Teams, etc. A
step-by-step checklist to answer the ubiquitous question: "What do I do

This information exists in various areas, but organizing it all into a
document that is delivered via email and appears on the page immediately
following email registration will give the bewildered masses a sense of
direction. There's a ton of information on the site, and it can be
overwhelming for newcomers. Let's work to improve their experience and
provide some friendly hand-holding.

4) Programming Team Newsletter.

We're doing a lot of great work. Many on this team are working ungodly hours
on important projects and ideas. Despite this, people continue to ask us why
we're not doing anything. We need to communicate our progress and our
successes to the community. This could be done through a periodic news
report on the main site and an e-newsletter (or subsection of the main ZM
newsletter) summarizing recent achievements.

5) Solve the forum moderation issues.

Replacing politics and personal decision-making with automated moderation,
where possible, will decrease conflict and lead to a happier community.

6) Minimize operating costs.

Obviously important to an all-volunteer, effectively income-less
organization. Several ideas are developing on this front.


In summary, I would like to see our goals be centered around organization
and communication, starting with the main ZM website.  I believe the main
site and its constituent parts (forums, wiki, etc) should receive the bulk
of our attention as this fledgling team grows. It is there that the movement
starts and ends for the majority of visitors. The site to-date is an amazing
achievement of several dedicated, selfless contributors. Opening up
development to the community, as is occurring, will further nurture the site
into its next stage of evolution. Once we have achieved a healthy,
user-friendly, seamless main website we can redirect our attention to
external, supportive projects. is our face to the world. Let's make it shine for


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 11:09 AM, vince spicer <> wrote:

> Hey all,
> The holidays are over and now it is time to get back work!
> I had one question for the team.
> What is our goal for 2010?
> Or what are some suggestions for team goals.
> Vince
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