Hi everyone,

During the last meeting we started working on the Programming Team Charter.
This document outlines our intent and how we function and fit within the
It's on Google Wave, so if you need a Wave account let us know and someone
will send you an invitation.

Here is a link to the Programming Team Wave, and within that you will find a
link to the Charter wave:

It's a draft, in the works, so please continue to contribute your edits and
thoughts throughout the week.
It would be great to have this ready to present to Peter Joseph and others
by the end of next Sunday's meeting.

For those of you that don't have a wave account, here is the Charter pulled
straight from the wave as it exists at the time of this email:


TZM Programming Team - Programming Team Charter

This is the Charter for the Programming Team of The Zeitgeist Movement. This
document denotes the intent of the Programming team to be recognized as an
official Team of the Zeitgeist Movement, and outlines general protocols for
conducting our activities.


Unless otherwise stated meetings are held every Sunday at 18:00 UTC.
Up-to-date details are provided in the Topic header of the #ZM-Developer's
channel in IRC, as well as the main Programming Team

Anyone can volunteer to prepare or contribute to the agenda for the next

Meetings start with a welcome and introduction for new members, update on
current projects by project leads. After discussing agenda items in a timely
manner, the meeting will then enter an open discussion format.


The Programming Team is open to join for anyone with programming experience
or who is actively engaged in learning programming. The organization of the
team is a flat structure and decisions that affect the entire team are
arrived at via consensus. Currently, membership is measured according to the
list in the Programming Team Wiki.

example charter:

Scope of the project, specifying who or what the project will affect.
Include the expectations and limitations and people affected by it.

The Programming Team will serve as a resource of creative and technical
support to all Chapters and Teams, providing consultation, planning,
development and maintenance to the best of our abilities, as resources
permit, in accordance with the tenets of the Zeitgeist Movement.

The programming team will in time be connected with all other project teams.
The programming team is expected to provide prompt support to the projects
developed or improved and used by the movement. It is expected to develop or
improve tools for the other teams to use.

Our responsibilities:

   - Work with site admins to maintain and improve the TZM central website
   and applications therein (IRC, Wiki, etc.)
   - Provide consultation and support to Teams, Chapters and members for
   programming-related issues
   - Work with Teams and Administrators on official development projects for
   the movement (i.e. Zday2010)
   - Provide a structure and protocol for accepting project proposals, and
   managing projects
   - Maintain a helpful and welcoming community to newcomers
   - Provide a positive environment for learning, cooperation and the free
   flow of information


The Programming Team will require access to a clone of the main site on a
staging server to test out new functionality in an environment that is
identical to the main site. The team will also have a manageable News area
on the main ZM home page for important announcements and updates to share
with the community.

Changes & Amendments

This document may be amended via Programming Team consensus. If changes to
this document are found to be in conflict with other Charters, tenets, or
leadership of the Zeitgeist Movement, such conflicts will be addressed and
resolved via consensus of all parties involved before adoption.


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