This all is way too important,
I wish to remind everyone that we have a meeting room in TS now and
tomorrow, Saturday we will hold our first meeting there at 18:00 UTC

Anticipating a big leap in the size of the movement in 2010 it is true to
say that we are looking forward for a very intense development year and
there is a profound need to design very efficient Internet space for the
movement's rapid growth to be accommodated.

No doubts, Zynergy is a turn in a very right direction.


2010/1/22 vince spicer <>

> Hey Dario,
> 1) that is weird I used launchpads built in "contact the team" form.  I
> will use my email client from now on to email the developers.
> 2) Yes launchpad is supposed to give us a central development
> environment/bug/code repo/mailing lists. With the option of hosting our own
> if we feel that need arises.
> But Zynergys' goal is a web application framework and not a development
> framework.  I'm sorry if there was confusion there.
> The idea behind Zynergy is to create a website that all developers can
> contribute too and easily communicate with other developers apps all within
> one look and feel.
> Example flow:
> developer1 get an app idea for survey app
> he/she then registers the survey app with the Zynergy servers
> The apps then gets http://outdomain/survey assigned to it and the
> developer then has access to the zynergy users and data via templates and
> apis, which they can use to populate either a portal on a sidebar, or the
> main_content div of the site.
> This can allow all developers to effectively contribute to the main site,
> and hopefully stop us from have a hundred domains with
> hundred separate apps  with no clear lines of communication.
> Does this clear up some confusion?
> Questions and ideas are more then welcome :)
> Vince
> On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 7:22 AM, Dario Figueira <>wrote:
>> Hi vinces,
>> Just some parallel questions bc i'm confused.
>> - You email us all in Bcc? Bc it show like you just emailed me directly
>> and i can't reply to all (bad);
>> - In the sense of centralizing developers efforts, isn't that what
>> lauchpad is all about? Can't we at this point pretty much forget the
>> forum/wiki ?
>> And to all,
>> - All other mentioned projects source codes should be inputted into
>> launchpad as branches of the main programming team launchpad, correct?
>> Chop-chop ppl, only zynergy, zmsocial and Zirm are there yet.
>> Dario Figueira
>> On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 4:45 AM, vinces1979 <> wrote:
>>> Hey ZM Devs,
>>>   Like many other developers, I am sure we can all see, that there is
>>> some major splintering of data and a lot of unneeded duplication that is
>>> occurring within the movements development community. There are numerous
>>> different forums and applications, all with their own registrations,
>>> logins, and profiles. Again and again the same questions are being asked
>>> and time is needed to answer these questions and to assist users though
>>> the registration process, not to mention the time taken by developers to
>>> source and implement these sites, the resources, money and time spent
>>> building these "copy" sites. It feels to me like our community isn't
>>> really a community but a group of smaller groups all struggling on their
>>> own to accomplish the same goals.
>>>    I have heard so many good ideas and I think we need to make it
>>> easier for people to implement these ideas for the movement. New
>>> developers shouldn't have to think about setting up logins and
>>> registrations, handling profiles and user data. They should be able to
>>> start building their apps for the community to use, without reinventing
>>> the wheel over and over again.
>>>    So we are starting a new ambitious project and I am putting the code
>>> and the idea out there for feedback and/or assistance. This will be a
>>> fully opensource project from the ground up, built around the ideas and
>>> methodologies set forth by the opensource movement. All code contributed
>>> must be fully opensource and GPL compatible. We need a system that we
>>> can build and improve moving forward and not rely exclusively on any
>>> company or external organization for any piece of it.
>>>   We propose building a new web application framework for the movement,
>>> with the main purpose of letting our developers work together to build
>>> and maintain one large system with all the pieces working together as
>>> one.
>>>  The basic idea behind this app has been tried and tested. This concept
>>> allows developers to work within a general framework, run own code on
>>> their own servers and dispaly results within the main site. The
>>> developers are essentially only responsible for populating a div. The
>>> rest of the site is manged by the framework. User accounts and data are
>>> shared amoung the apps giving the illusion of one site, but distribute
>>> the majority of the site content across all of our resources.
>>>  This primary idea stands behind social networking sites "apps", and
>>> mobile phone "apps", so the idea is not a new one. But these platforms
>>> always restrict the developers for "security" reasons to lock the
>>> developers out of functionality and require them to jump through hoops
>>> to get their apps to work on the providers proprietary platform.
>>>   We hope to eliminate the need for much of this unneeded security by
>>> opening the source, and using best existing development methods of
>>> collaboration, together with new approaches being actively created
>>> within our team. We will of course need to protect some personal details
>>> (this will need to be decided upon), but allowing developers make what
>>> they want within our community platform without limits should be a goal.
>>>   As suggested above, the movement apps will be fully opensource and
>>> GPL compatible. Applications' developers must agree to full transparency
>>> in development and in source control. As well as agree to code audits by
>>> peers on the live code.
>>> The Initial idea was drafted in Wave:
>>> Launchpad Project:
>>> We look forward to hearing some great ideas and feedback from the team.
>>> Thanks for your time,
>>> Vince
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