As always you can add and delete addresses for free ZNet Updates on the
ZNet top page (www.zmag.org/weluser.htm.

There are many new pieces linked there since last update message, of

You will also notice on the top page an unusual addition. We are listing
ZNet Sustainer Commentaries for the first couple of weeks of September.
For example, at the top of the right hand column, you will find under
the heading Sustainer Program, a group of links to...

Peters: A Vigilant Parent 09/08 
Gordon: Against War 09/08
D'Souza: Development? 09/07
Pilger: Remembering 9/11 09/06
Chomsky: Iraq 09/05
Podur: The Government's Mask 09/04
Street: Labor Day Reflections 09/03
Solomon: Labor Day? 09/02
Bond: Jo'burg Protests 09/01

These are the essays we send out nightly only to ZNet Sustainers. During
these two weeks of September you can see the quality of these pieces and
enjoy a subset of the authors involved in the program, just by following
these links from the top page of ZNet. 

--> Of course, every day throughout the year, as a Sustainer you would
receive the essays each morning in your email -- most often one essay,
but sometimes two.

--> And you would be able to easily access the online zine and database
of all past (and future) daily commentaries -- now nearly 1500 of them
-- by topic, title, content, and author. 

--> And you would be able to participate in the ZNet Sustainer Forum
system of civil, serious, discussion and debate, with myself, with Noam
Chomsky, and of course with the many participating Sustainers.

--> And you would be supporting ZNet, Z, and all our related projects.

And it is easy to do. You just go to


On that and page you can read more about the program and, if you are
convinced of its merits, you can join. 

--> You decide how much to donate 

--> You decide whether to do it monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or

--> You decide whether to do it by check or by credit card. 

--> And you can always change your choices. 

Why bother?

Well, this mailing -- an instance our free updates -- goes out to over
85,000 addresses. 
As email lists for progressive sites go, that is an extraordinary
number. So just imagine if we could translate half of that total, or
even a quarter of it into new donor supporters. Think about the
innovations and improvements and enlargements of ZNet that could then

ZNet is already far more valuable and significant politically than most
of us realize, certainly than I realized until recently when on some
international trips, for example, I have been staggered to find the
extent to which ZNet is consulted around the world, and particularly the
extent to which ZNet's content finds it way into progressive venues all
over the world, including newspapers, magazines, flyers, leafleats, and
radio shows as well. To hear that there are authors in Africa -- the
part of the world about which ZNet's content is arguably, to our
chagrin, least comprehensive -- who write for ZNet as their main means
of writing to constitutencies right there in Africa gives some idea of
the role the site is now playing. 

We could, should, and will do more in the months and years
ahead...including self-consciously ideologically and materially
supporting such efforts around the world. But how much more ZNet
accomplishes will depend greatly on how effectively we can translate the
current use of ZNet into future support for ZNet/Z. So if you have the
means, please do go to 


...and seriously consider becoming a ZNet Sustainer.

Thank You!

Michael Albert
Z Magazine / ZNet

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