Hello ZNet Update Recipient,

This isn't your usual ZNet update. In this message we are requesting
something from you -- your opinion.

The many Z projects (Z Magazine, ZNet, Z Video, and Z Media Institute)
are joining together with about 100 of our frequent writers to try to
provide our supporters a much larger, more sustained, more   immediate,
and more comprehensive media system than we have ever previously

We are writing because we need to know your reaction to this possible
project, called Z Daily and we hope that after reading briefly about Z
Daily here, you will go to  http://www.zmag.org/newsustainerprog.htm to
learn more, and to give us critically needed feedback via the brief poll
located there. (You can also click the prominent link to the description
and poll on the ZNet top page anytime). 

Z Daily would generate approximately 20 new original commentaries each
weekday, plus book reviews, interviews, organizational profiles, and a
debate or two each weekend, plus additional interactive forums for
discussions with writers, and diverse other facilities as well. 

Participants in the Z Daily Program could choose to receive by email as
few as one, up to as many as twenty commentaries a day, by easily
designating the topics or the writers whose work they wish to be sent.
Participants could also (or instead) opt to receive a linked list of
articles matching their preferences plus descriptions each day or week.
(And yes, Z Daily will have RSS feeds, a new distribution technology
that is very nice, as an option as well.) 

For instance, if we create Z Daily and you become a participant, you
might choose to receive one featured essay each day (which would be the
default), or two or three. Or you might want those featured essays, plus
everything about Asia or everything about Latin America or all the
essays on vision and strategy or all the news reporting or some
combination of many other topical and stylistic possibilities. Or you
might want some topics or styles, but also all essays by one or more of
our 100 writers, again in any pattern and combination, easily altered at
your convenience. You start with the default is one essay daily, and you
indicate and easily adapt your preferences for more (or less) as your
experience moves you to. Alternatively, or in addition, you might want
the linked list of articles and descriptions by email.

Participants will also be able to access all the Z Daily material online
with full search capabilities including efficient display options by
date, topic, or author, and searchable for text. Z Daily will generate
an easy-to-use library of as many as 5,000 original articles per year.
Additionally, many people around the world can use a subset of these
articles for local print distribution, with Z having already paid the

Of course, no individual will read every Z Daily article every day or
week. Who reads the entire New York Times each day, much less all of the
mainstream media? The point is to provide a broad range, so people can
access what serves their needs. The pieces you don't use, someone else
makes excellent use of, and vice versa.

Everyone on the left criticizes mainstream media for maintaining elite
social relations. Everyone on the left wishes that progressives and
leftists had stronger and more comprehensive alternative media with
which to reach out to a more mainstream audience. Z Daily is proposing
to do just that. But we need your feedback first. 

To pay writers for 400 articles a month plus pay for many new facilities
and additional staff, will cost a lot, but the bottom line is, if Z
Daily can inspire 30,000 supporters, we will be able to launch and pay
for the full operation with modest self-selected per user donations (in
most cases of from $3 to $10 a month), with no other funding sources.   

We want to do Z Daily. Many writers are gearing up to participate. But
we need your vote for or against -- and your guidance to know if it is a
worthy and feasible project.

Please visit http://www.zmag.org/newsustainerprog.htm -- or to go to the
ZNet top page at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm and click to visit the Z Daily
pages and poll.

Once at the Z Daily page, you will find an introductory description of
the project, a sample of Z Daily, a sample form for selecting which
articles to receive, and finally, a poll about Z Daily.  

Please think about the meaning of this project for you, and also about
its potential meaning for others, for alternative media generally, and
for left writers. It will help us immeasurably if you would answer our
seven poll questions.
If the response goes well, the new project could be in place by January
2004, which also begins Z's 17th year of operation. So, thank you in
advance for taking the poll...and we hope you will like and benefit from
this idea.


The Z Staff: Michael Albert, Lydia Sargent, Eric Sargent, and Andy Dunn
      and, from among the 100 plus writers who will be involved
Noam Chomsky, U.S.
Susan George, France
Tariq Ali, Brit
Cynthia Peters, U.S.
Dennis Brutus, So. Afr.
Sonali Kolhatkar, U.S.
John Pilger, Brit
Vandana Shiva, India
Howard Zinn, U.S.
Katharine Ainger, Brit

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