This is another in our long history of ZNet Update Mailings. You can add or remove email addresses via the links on ZNet's top page at www.zmag.org/weluser.htm
As usual, there are extensive new items on ZNet -- essays by Zavala, Mondragon, Pilger, Chomsky, and on and on -- all since our last message.
I want to bring to your attention, in particular, however -- the tremendously enhanced ZNet Audio Section. The new link for ZNet Audio is: http://www.zmag.org/znetaudio.html. It leads to about 300 audio sessions by ZNet writers. Thanks go to Chris Spannos for volunteering on this project!
I would also like to remind you to take a look at The NewStandard at http://newstandardnews.net/ 
The NewStandard provides an online international newspaper which each user can customize to their own tastes and preferences, plus diverse interactivity tools and features like forums, chat, etc. Brian Dominick who worked for many years on ZNet and is responsible for many of ZNet's most advanced features, Jessica Azulay a ZNet Commentator, and a number of other hard working folks have created and are trying to bring The NewStandard to fruition -- but they can't do this if people don't visit and support their efforts.
The NewStandard is a herculean project. It has been carried out, thus far, with tremendous dexterity, insight, and scope. So, please, when you have a chance, pay them a visit at http://newstandardnews.net/ We think you will be happy you did.
In fact, at this point in our update mailings we usually include an essay, to give substance to the message. Instead, please use the time you would have given to reading an essay to check out the above links.
Thank You!
Michael Albert

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