It has been a few years since Z has made a specific funding appeal but the time has come for us to secure and expand our print, online, video, and audio operations. If you don't help us, we can't fulfill our responsibilities. If you do help us, we can. It is that simple: We cannot do our work without your help. So we are asking, after a long respite, for you to take a few moments to aid us again.
177,000 update recipients are getting this letter. If one out of ten of you react positively, the results will be a phenomenal boost to our efforts. We are hoping you will be one of the people to help out!
To help us,
(1) You can make a one-time donation by sending a check to:
Z Operations
18 Millfield St
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Or you can donate one-time even more quickly by using our online credit card donation mechanism via... http://www.zmag.org/StoreCenter.htm
Or even more beneficially, for us and for you...
(2) You can become a Z/ZNet Sustainer/Donor.
This is our primary avenue for donation aid, and allows you to make periodic donations based upon your capacity to give and with a time frame you decide. In return, you receive a nightly Sustainer Commentary by email, free access to the monthly Z Magazine Online, free access to our online ZNet Zine of nearly 2,000 accumulated commentaries, free access to our Sustainer Forums including direct interaction with Noam Chomsky and Michael Albert, and, soon, free access to commenting on our growing community of ZNet Blogs.
To see more about the Sustainer Program, and for a form to join, please visit: http://www.zmag.org/Commentaries/donorform.htm

What are some of the ways we will use your support?
(1) We are hoping to solicit authors for a new and recurring section in Z Magazine to highlight and explore vision and strategy concerns; i.e., what do we want and how do we get there.
(2) We are hoping to expand our online and print presentation of interviews and, in particular to solicit reactions and proposals regarding on-going movement concerns and projects.
(3) We are hard at work on dramatic improvements in ZNet's searchability and display by category and topic capabilities, and on its overall design, as well, including adding email feeds of content, regular use of polling, and diverse other interactive facilities and features.
(4) We are still hoping to pursue Z audio possibilities. Before long we hope to begin providing more regular content, and to expand from there.
(5) We expect to continue producing Z Videos and expand distribution. We are also considering joint ventures in documentary production and satellite transmission.
(6) We are considering undertaking a joint Left Book of the Month Club Project.
(7) We are ourselves hoping to make donations to operations in pursuit of compatible, or even connected, media work, particularly with the intent of expanding not only our multi-language presentations of ZNet's online material, but also print publications in other languages.
So please, make a donation or become a Sustainer.
We thank you in advance...
Michael Albert for
ZNet and Z Magazine

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