This is Michael Albert sending you a special Update mailing. 

For about a year The NewStandard, TNS, (http://newstandardnews.net/) has
been publishing online. TNS is a hard news web publication founded on
participatory economics (parecon) principles by ZNet commentator Jessica
Azulay and long-time ZNet contributor and programmer Brian Dominick.
After working at a grueling schedule based on limited initial funding,
to continue TNS needs to hire more staff and expand their areas of
coverage. They have struggled as far as humanly possible with less than
miniscule resources. TNS now has to achieve sustainability and to do
that TNS is turning to a sustainer format of their own. TNS needs you to
sign up to help it succeed. And I am writing to say I very much hope
that you will do just that.

Here is what Noam Chomsky had to say about TNS
(http://newstandardnews.net/): "The NewStandard is an exciting
initiative by people with great experience and impressive achievements.
It offers real promise of meeting needs that are widely and rightly
felt: for regular news about important issues, truly independent, not
constrained by concentrated power."

And here is what Robert Jensen wrote about TNS
(http://newstandardnews.net/): "Aggressive new ventures such as The
NewStandard are of vital importance. The journalists reporting and
editing the news at TNS -- operating with a fraction of the resources --
put their so-called elite journalistic competitors to shame. It's vital
that we support this effort so that they can continue -- and expand --
their crucial work. A contribution to The NewStandard is an investment
not only in their project but in the health of our democracy."

And here is what I have to say about TNS (http://newstandardnews.net/):
"The left needs news, needs new exemplary media projects, and therefore
needs The NewStandard. The only way an effort with the integrity and
substance TNS has can survive is via user support. Those are the facts.
Please use TNS. Please support it!"
TNS does direct, public interest journalism. TNS reporters gather news
of events and issues from perspectives that are ignored in the
mainstream. TNS has in its first year produced well over 1,200 original
articles. TNS reporting has been reprinted on over a thousand websites
across the political spectrum. 
Even if hard news is not your preference, supporting The NewStandard is
worthwhile because TNS has the potential to appeal to people not already
identified with progressive causes. We donate to progressive projects,
after all, to enable them to do work extending well beyond the benefit
we ourselves directly derive.
Given TNS's potential, we should all hate even the idea that they might
fail, and we should all love to see them expand. But when we would hate
for something to fail, and we would love for it to succeed, isn't it
encumbant on us to do our part -- which means becoming regular users and

If you are already familiar with TNS's invaluable work, please donate as
you are able each month to their efforts. To donate please use this
To review The NewStandard for yourself check out...
By the way, PeoplesNetWorks is offering gifts like books, magazine
subscriptions -- including Z -- a calendar or an alternative media
t-shirt to new members who pledge to make regular contributions for a
full year. Their premium program, which has come about as a result of
solidarity efforts involving several alternative media organizations,
also lets you earn more gifts by referring friends and others who in
turn donate to The NewStandard.)

Thanks for listening, and please, do consider helping TNS,

Michael Albert

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