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As usual, we have many new articles online, addressing such matters as immigration issues and resistance, international relations, economic vision, and so on. But, in this mailing, we wanted to let you know about some new videos we have made available.

The ZNet site store has links for all our videos, including these new ones.

Debating the Post-Capitalist Future
A Social Forum of the Americas panel with Michael Albert & John Holloway.
Michael Albert, author of “Parecon, Life After Capitalism,” and John Holloway, author of “Change the World Without Taking Power,” debate alternative economic visions and strategies. In the lively format of opening statements, followed by a response and then a response to the response, they appear to have wildly different views about the future and how to get there. But in the end they find some common ground around values needed for a better, more just society.
Filmed in January 2006 in Venezuela. 1:25 for debate and responses; 35 minutes for Q&A; 6 minutes for scenes from the America’s Social Forum. DVD only.


Oil & Nukes: The Political Economy of the Iran Crisis
A Left Forum panel with Tom O’Donnell, Evrand Abrahamian, & Fatemeh Moghadam.
A discussion of the growing dangers of war with Iran and the political and economic forces behind the rhetoric driving both sides. Speakers emphasize the role of long-term oil development plans among neo-conservatives that point to the likelihood of a U.S. war on Iran. Also discussed are Iran’s internal politics and how a collusion of miscalculations by both sides poses a threat of war. An historic overview of Iran’s politics and economy is also presented.

Filmed in March 2006. 60 mins. DVD only.
A Soldiers’ Movement Against the Iraq War
A Left Forum panel with Tod Ensign (Citizen Soldier), Aiden Delgado (Iraq war veteran), Jose Vasquez (Army reserve), & Geoffrey Millard (Iraq Veterans Against the War).
This session includes moving testimony from three soldiers who have served in Iraq. They talk frankly about going from being “gung ho,” ready to “blow things up,” to being against the war and U.S. policy. They also talk about their anti-war plans and the prospects of major troop refusals in the coming months.
Filmed in March 2006. Presentations 45 mins; Q&A 25 mins. DVD only.
The Media Makes the World
A Left Forum panel with Nan Rubin, Carl Ginsburg, Gary Younge, & Amy Goodman.
With passion, facts, and occasional humor, panelists reveal the various machinations of the mainstream media, including controlled coverage of the U.S. war on Iraq and the lack of intelligent/critical reporting on such issues as the huge inequalities inherent in capitalism--the healthcare system being a case in point. They also discuss the problems of distribution while praising the many efforts of the alternative media.
Filmed in March 2006. 59 minutes. DVD only.
Independent Media Hopes & Challenges
A Social Forum of the Americas panel with speakers from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, & the U.S., featuring Eva Golinger, Ben Dupuy, Theresa Valdez, Greg Wilpert, and Michael Albert.
This panel is an important reminder of how the U.S. media assists in carrying out foreign policy through propaganda, psychological warfare, and misinformation. Speakers document many cases of what one panelist refers to as “U.S. media terrorism.” Others express their hopes for creating and supporting an expanding international radical mass media. This panel was organized by Scott Harris of Between the Lines radio and Ben Dangl of Toward Freedom.
Filmed in January 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela. 1:15 mins. DVD only.
Additional DVDS posted within the last six weeks include...
Latin American Challenges to U.S. Domination
An interview with Noam Chomsky.
In this January 2006 interview, Chomsky looks at Latin America and the Caribbean, which have historically been areas the U.S. has dominated. In the last decade, Chomsky asserts, Latin America has been moving toward independence from the U.S. and is beginning to integrate and demand control of its own resources. Chomsky covers the many Latin American countries where the U.S. has carried out a pattern of subversion, which the U.S. refers to as “democracy promotion.” Simone Bruno interviews. 
Filmed in January 2006. 45 minutes. DVD only.
Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution
A documentary of a visit to Venezuela.
Via conversations with Venezuelans in government and out, this video seeks to provide information important to a revolution in consciousness, and the transformation of political structure and economics, gender and culture relations. Venezuela is at the center of hopes for dramatic changes throughout Latin America and the world. Understanding the underlying logic and ongoing developments should be of paramount interest to anyone concerned with social change.
Filmed in October 2005. Michael Albert interviews; filmed & edited by Lydia Sargent. Approximately 90 minutes.
Argentina's Occupied Factories
A documentary of a visit to Argentina’s worker-run companies.
Over the past five years there has been an important and continuous movement in Argentina to occupy failed or failing factories and run them via what the Argentines call workers’ control or worker self-mangement. This video, based on a tour of many occupied factories and discussions with various participants at every level of the movement, reports the features and lessons of the experience.
Filmed in October 2005. Michael Albert interviews; filmed & edited by Lydia Sargent. 55 minutes. DVD only.

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