Hello,     This is another of ZNet's free update mailings.      You can add and 
remove email addresses for these updates at the ZNet top page, which is  
www.zmag.org/weluser.htm     We are hard at work on our new web interface and 
features, etc. Meanwhile, we are also gearing up for ZMI 2007. This message is 
to announce ZMI 2007 and welcome your applications. 

ZMI 2007 will be held from Monday June 4 through Tuesday June 12 with departure 
on June 13. 

ZMI is a  summer school for media and politics  started in 1994 by the 
cofounders of Z Magazine (1988) and South End Press (1977) to teach radical 
politics, media and organizing skills, the principles and practice of creating 
non-hierarchical institutions and projects, activism, and particularly vision 
and strategy for social change. Classes are held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  
   Political courses include: principles of workplace democracy, foreign 
policy, ecology, political science, queer theory, women and revolution, labor, 
race, youth liberation, economic and social vision and strategy, and a lot 
more.      Media courses include: Analysis of mainstream media; starting a 
media project (newspaper, radio, video, magazine, Internet, organizing); 
challenges of alternative media; pressuring mainstream media; research and 
investigation techniques; and diverse skills associated with media work - 
radio, video, print, and web.

We also have various evening talks, social events, and more. Students take 
whatever courses they wish to, emphasizing theory, vision, and strategy, or 
hands on skills, or both. ZMI provides room, board, facilities, etc.      The 
fee for ZMI is $1,200 though in special cases we do offer scholarships. The fee 
includes room, board, materials, etc. for you entire stay. To apply, please 
fill out the application form at our website (http://www.zmag.org/aboutzmi.htm 
) and mail to Z Media Institute, 18 Millfield Street, Woods Hole, MA 02543; fax 
508-457-0626; or apply by email to  [EMAIL PROTECTED] . Do not send money at 
this time. Please apply by February 16 as space is limited.     Faculty 
includes: Michael Albert, Jessica Azulay, Chip Berlet, Michael Bronski, Noam 
Chomsky, Rosa Clemente, Ron Daniels, Brian Dominick, Sean Gonzalves, Andrej 
Grubacic, Ria Julien, Mandisi Majavu, Cynthia Peters, Justin Podur, Lydia 
Sargent, Stephen R. Shalom, Marina Sitrin, Brian Tokar, Marie Trigona, Tom 
Wetzel, and more. Staff includes Michael Albert, Lydia Sargent, Andy Dunn, and 
Chris Spannos.     Z Magazine, 18 Millfield St., Woods Hole, MA 02543
 www.zmag.org  / Tel. 508 548 9063 / FAX 508 457 0626           

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