Sorry for the lack of information I provided. I am running a ZEO
server used by a CherryPy application - which btw. can be seen here:

Everything runs fine... For about one hours or two. Then ZEO crashes
with that error. I restart ZEO and restart the webapplication. They
again run and BAM, after one hour or two ZEO crashes with the exact
same error.

Right now, when I count the number of files those two have open
(ZEO=22437 and CherryPy application=22465):
lsof | grep 22437 | wc -l
lsof | grep 22465 | wc -l

Which is kind of very high... and they are very equal. WTF!?...
I have just found out that the web applications opens some
connections, which it does not close. Problem is now solved.. Sorry :(

And thanks for your response!

ZEO and ZODB kicks ass btw..! I am truly amazed :)

kind regards:
4mi(r|x) [http://amix.dk]
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