[Tim Peters]
>> Of course "rev=1" makes it show the first version ever created.

[Toby Dickenson]
> "rev=1" shows the latest version on the branch with numeric ids "1.x".
> that is, the trunk. Thats definitely true for the version of viewcvs we
> use here, and seems to be true the version on cvs.zope.org right now.

>> The most up-to-date version today happens to be this:
>>     http://cvs.zope.org/ZODB3/Doc/storages.html?rev=

> So the latest on that branch would always be:
> http://cvs.zope.org/ZODB3/Doc/storages.html?rev=1.8.4

I gladly yield to anyone on WTF rev= might do.

> Any interest in keeping this table going, in svn or elsewhere?

The table is still alive from my POV, although I don't know enough about
DirectoryStorage or APE to keep it current.   Since all external references
I know about point at the CVS repository (e.g., the ZODB Wiki, and your
DirectoryStorage home page on SourceForge), I just merged the
Zope-2_7-branch changes back to the trunk, so that external rev=1 references
show the most recent info again.

Copying that file to yet another repository would just guarantee that
assorted copies get out of synch.  When/if cvs.zope.org stops serving the
file, that would be a good time to move it elsewhere.

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