I propose to add a pre-commit hook to ZODB.


  Sometimes, applications want to execute some code when
  a transaction is committed.  For example, one might want to
  delay object indexing until a transaction commits, rather
  than indexing every time an object is changed. Or, someone
  might want to check invariants only after a set of operations.


  We add a new method to transaction objects:

     def beforeCommitHook(hook, *args, **kw):
         """Register a hook to call before the transaction is committed

          The provided hook will be called after the transaction's
          commit method has been called, but before the commit process
          has been started.  The hook will be passed the given
          positional and keyword arguments.

          Multiple hooks can be registered and will be called in order.
          This method can be called from executing hooks.  That is, executing
          hooks can register more hooks.  (Applications should take care
          to avoid creating infinite loops by recursvely registering hooks.)

          Hooks are not called and are discarded if the transaction aborts.

  We would also modify transaction commit methods to call hooks.  Hooks would
  not be called on sub-transaction commit.  (If necessary, we could add
  separate sub-transaction hooks, but I don't think we need this.)

  This hook is very simple to use an implement and, I think, addresses
  the requitement much more directly than implementing special data


Anyone up for implementing this (with a doctest, of course)?

I'd like to get this into ZODB 3.4.


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