I am using ZODB 3.3 and I am considering using BTrees.
I am particularly interested in the II-package.

Right now I am storing my data in a python directory where I map URLs
(hash-values) to boolean values (i.e. II mapping). I am storing about 50
items in the directory all the time, and there happens a lot of
insertion and removal from the directory (the max number of items s 50).

As I can read: If I want fast logarithmic insertion and search I should
use BTree or TreeSet - - but my problem is, if I use them, then I can't
remove an item from the tree (or can I?).

What about going for an IIBucket or an IISet? Their insertion and search
is as fast as python directories, but do they give a performance boost
because they are optimized for integer-integer mappings?


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