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I implemented a pre-commit hook on transaction supporting subscribers
within CPS for our indexation use case. (for ZODB-3.2.x on


if you're interested to take a look at it :


I get a traceback from viewcvs when I try to view the patch.

this one ? :


No, the one given in


which is:



The difference I can see with your proposal is the abort() hook facility
that can be a good thing especially if the subscriber code has to
communicate with external programs for rollback purpose.

I suggest that if you are going to "communicate with external
programs for rollback purpose", it would be much better to
participate as a data manager.

in ZODB-3.2 ? Can you explain ?

In other words, implementing the interface that transactions expect of things like adtabase connections. Unfortunately, this wasn't documented until recently. In ZODB 3.3, transaction.interfaces has IDataManagerOriginal which attempts to document the ZODB 3.2 transaction-manager interface.

Unfortunately, the data manager interface for ZODB 3.3 isn't
accurately documented yet.  (There's even a bonus inacurate
interface. ;) Tim and I intend to fix this this week.

I would say that the main difference is that with the simple hook
facility I proposed, you can just register simple callables. You
don't have to create a class.

ok for this. My idea is to control what people are going to register. So
I'm adding constraints by providing an interface they need to implement
for their own subscribers. That's mostly the point.

Are you saying that you don't want people to use this facility and you want to make them work harder in order to discourage them?



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