Tim Peters wrote:
I'm trying to run the zodb test suite from a trunk checkout.

To be clear, this is what "trunk checkout" means to me:

URL: svn+ssh://svnzope/repos/main/ZODB/trunk

Note that the trunk is for ZODB 3.5 development.  Is that what you want?  If
you're writing code for ZODB 3.4, use ZODB/branches/3.4 instead.

Ah yes, thanks. I'll checkin on a branch spawned off 3.4 first of course.

As it is I do a setup.py build every time before I run the tests

That's easiest to do by passing "-b" to test.py too, like

     python test.py -vvb test_transaction.py
"-b" causes test.py to run "setup.py build" before it searches for tests.

Ok I didn't know that.

but I'd like to do everything in place.

Then do an in-place build instead, "setup.py build_ext -i". That probably won't work if you're using a checkout in the ZODB 3.2 line, but should work in the ZODB 3.3, 3.4, and trunk lines. Passing "-B" to test.py causes test.py to run "setup.py build_ext -i" first.

Indeed. Thanks to you and Sidnei.


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