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On Apr 8, 2005 2:23 PM, Tim Peters <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
[Chris Cioffi]
> Just an FYI to all that I uploaded my first pass at a script for viewing
> a ZODB data file.  This is a trivial implementation and probably need
> some work, especially wrt accessing a ZODB via ZEO.

It's a very cool thing about ZEO that normally all you need to change is one
line, from opening a FileStorage to opening a ClientStorage.  The only
complication then is parsing the ZEO server address (which may be a
host:port pair, or a Unix domain socket).  Maybe you could incorporate
ZConfig to make that "easy" <wink>.
I've been going over the ZEO docs and it looks pretty cool.  In fact it would solve a few minor issues I'm having with one of my apps.  My concern, however, is that my main app is *very* write intensive when it's running.  Methinks a little benchmarking is in order...

> This script uses wxPython so it's probably a bit oriented towards
> Windows, I'll address that once my Mac Mini comes in. :-)

Hmm.  I'm running on Windows, but don't have wxPython installed.  Tk is the
common denominator across platforms; people can legitimately argue about
whether it's the _lowest_ common denominator.  I'd say you should use
whatever you like best.
I've tried Tkinker and really disliked it.  wxPython, while far from perfect feels much better...maybe doing something like pydoc with using the built in web server is in order. :)
> http
> Any feedback would be appreciated...

One immediate suggestion:  there's a very long line in the code, starting

       self.db_layout_tree = wx.TreeCtrl(self.window_1_pane_1,

The Python style guide:


   please limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters

for pragmatic reasons like this.

Ah, yes...maybe going over the output of wxGlade would be in order...even better would be to not use wxGlade but I'm lazy.

Thanks for the input.

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