Am Mittwoch, 13. April 2005 12:19 schrieb Pierre-Yves Delens:
> Bonjour,

Guten Tag,

> I'm developing my first ZODB app (without Zope).
> I need to display sorted items from a BTree.
> Sorting should happen by one of the fields value, not by key order.

You can use "decorate sort undecorate". There are some examples in 
the python cookbook. 

> - Is IndexedCatalog the good solution ?

You don't need indexedCatalog for sorting. If your
whole btree fits into memory you can use it like a python 

I looked at IndexedCatalog, but diceded to use may own 
Catalog which implements a small subset of the Index-API
of Zope2. IndexedCatalog is more implicit than explicit.

If I could do a rewrite of my app, I would have a look at
the indexes of Zope3.

Building simple indexes with btrees is not dificult:
Just map the value of your object to the ID of your object:["Pierre"]=.... # Every object has an integer ID in my app.
Be sure to write unittests, which check that the (redundant) data of
the catalog don't get out of sync.


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