On Thursday 14 April 2005 08:38, Dario Lopez-Kästen wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
> > You sure you're using the latest 
> > DirectoryStorage? Can you reproduce this using just plain FileStorage?
> No, I am not using the latest, because of my *n*l sysadmin (actually 
> there are two of them, but only one whines :-). I'll try beating him in 
> the head a few times, er, I mean, "discuss the issue with him" to make 
> him change his mind.

If it helps, Im pretty sure that no deadlocking bugs have been fixed in 
directorystorage since version 1.1.4.

> 5) POSKeyErrors. We where getting quite a few of those, and that
> scared me. with DirStor, I do not see them as much as before.

I would be interested to see if you are getting *any* unexpected POSKeyErrors 
with DirectoryStorage.

Toby Dickenson
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