On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 09:38:39AM +0200, Dario Lopez-K?sten wrote:
> 4) Maintenance. While I have not yet dared to pack the DB, the mere size 
> of the database will make packing a non-trivial operation memorywise in 
> FielStorage. DirStor does not have the same memory requirements when 
> packing.

.... but OTOH, it can take a looooong time to pack.
I have a weekly cron job that packs my ~3 GB DirectoryStorages and 
they frequently take well over an hour each.  

Full backups take roughly an hour too.  Incremental backups are pretty
quick, e.g. last night's 91 M backup took 1 minute.

I'm a big fan of DirectoryStorage, but in terms of raw speed it's 
slower in some ways.  Packing is memory-friendly but slow.

Also you mention issues with incremental backup of Data.fs.
Did you ever try repozo.py? Just mentioning it for completeness.
> 5) POSKeyErrors. We where getting quite a few of those, and that scared 
> me. with DirStor, I do not see them as much as before.

I don't see them ever :-)
That was the big motivator for me.

Paul Winkler
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