Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Tim Peters wrote at 2005-3-30 08:39 -0500:
>>[Dieter Maurer]
>>>The last packing bug was some time in the past. With current Zope
>>>versions, there is no known packing bug.
>>It's not that packing introduces new problems, it's that packing isn't an
>>error recovery procedure:  if the POSKeyErrors persist after the pack, then
>>packing will have destroyed some amount of original evidence forever,
>>potentially making it that much harder for someone to figure out how to
>>repair the POSKeyErrors.
> Thus, the person who fears his storage gets too huge makes
> a backup copy (for analysis) and then packs the production storage.
> I do not advocate packing as an error recovery procedure.
> It is just that isolated POSKeyErrors need not to prevent
> packing.

OK, so I lost a little fear of packing, did a backup, and packed my
database.  Low and behold, the POSKeyErrors are gone.

I do still have a dozen "refers to invalid object:" coming out of  Are these errors waiting to happen?  Or nothing to be
concerned about?

I was tempted to play around with the killthem script
( ), but that seems to rely on
zopectl which is a Zope 2.7 thing, right?  I am still stuck on 2.6.2
until I can get rid of these damn errors.

I do feel like my database is somewhat healthier.  Hope it isn't a false
sense of security.
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