[Tim Peters, on adding getBeforeCommitHooks()]
>> Note that Zope 2.8b1 was already released (yesterday) with a ZODB 3.4
>> alpha, so strictly speaking no new features should be added to ZODB 3.4.
>> But if you can slam code and tests for this in quickly, I'll look the
>> other way (I think adding a straightforward new method is about as
>> harmless as can be). Just don't let Jim notice you're doing it <wink>.

[Florent Guillaume]
> Ok done, thanks.

Thank you!  It all looked great to me.  Jim hasn't noticed it yet, so I
think it will stay in.

>> Primarily I think that building 90% of an app's logic on
>> beforeCommitHook() may be a mistake <wink>.

> Why do you say that?

I was pulling your leg.  That's an American way of showing appreciation.
"<wink>" meant it was wholly joking.  "<0.9 wink>" would have meant it was
one-tenth serious.

> I'm not building 90% of my app logic on that, it's really just an
> optimization to delay some things until the end of the transaction.

Ya, like building only 85% of your app's logic on it is better <cough>.

BTW, I expect the next ZODB 3.4 release will be beta 1, and new features
will need to go into 3.5 (ZODB trunk alone) then.  I'm very happy that some
people contributed code to make ZODB 3.4 better, with special thanks to you,
Christian Theune, Chris McDonough, Dmitry Vasiliev and Jim Fulton.

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