I'm cross posting this b/c I don't know where the solution will come from.
I've got a app that I compile with py2exe.  For various reasons I am converting it from direct ZODB access to using ZEO. 
To use ZEO I am calling ZODB.config.databaseFromURL() and passing in the config filename.  This function attempts to load config.xml to parse the config file I pass in.  I get the following error trace.
C:\hepcat>hepcatng -d1 -v
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "hepcatng.py", line 207, in ?
  File "hepcatng.py", line 135, in main
  File "ep\zdb.pyc", line 35, in open_zeo
  File "ZODB\config.pyc", line 51, in databaseFromURL
  File "ZODB\config.pyc", line 34, in getDbSchema
  File "ZConfig\loader.pyc", line 31, in loadSchema
  File "ZConfig\loader.pyc", line 63, in loadURL
  File "ZConfig\loader.pyc", line 102, in openResource
  File "ZConfig\loader.pyc", line 114, in _raise_open_error
ZConfig.ConfigurationError: error opening file C:\hepcat\lib\libhepcat.zip\ZODB\config.xml
: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\hepcat\\lib\\libhepcat.zip\\ZODB\\config.xml'
I have looked in ZODB\config.py and I don't see a function that won't try to load config.xml.
Based on that, I manually added config.xml to the zipfile library that py2exe generated and still no luck.  Any ideas on what to try?

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