Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez wrote at 2005-5-4 09:26 +0200:
> ...
>Is it normal that when you undo some transactions (the number can vary
>from 10 to 10000) and then you commit these undos you get an error as
>result (Undo error 0xf60c5d: Undo error 0xf60c5d: _loadBack()

Looking at the code ("ZODB.FileStorage._loadBack_impl") reveals
that you met an object state without a zero backpointer.

For some reason, "FileStorage" was not yet happy with the
object state it found so far and tried to find an earlier
one but the previous state pointer (the so called "backpointer")
was "0" (i.e. no previous state known).

The "_loadBack() failed" comes from a very dubious place
where some edge case is checked.
I can easily imagine that this edge case is not handled
properly (but I am not motivated enough to analyse this
in detail).

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