I am was faced with this weird problem using parsed XML product . I install .xml files from my FS to teh zodb using an external method . Now, I use "manage_clone" for making multiple copies of this object in the zodb and adding them into another location in the site . But I discovered that the parsed XML objects are 'refusing' to be cloned. After debugging to a certain extent, I narrowed down the problem to the method: manage_clone which was being used , it simply hangs and the tmp directory overflows . It does an "export and import "of the object to be cloned and hangs ,in the process filling up tmp directory to 100% . After that of course I get the error "No Space left on device". I have to restart the server to test again.
I was able to temporarily resolve this issue by manually adding and recreating the parsed XML objects in the ZMI. They seem to be cloning now with out any problems .(Obviously I cannot expect the client to redo thsi job manually each time they set up the site! :( I need to find a solution where in I can continue adding parsed-xml objects in a batch from my script at the time of site setup.
Can somebody please give me some pointers as to why this is happening?..

I am using versions :
plone 2.0.5
Red Hat Linux 3.2.3-39)
Installed product ParsedXML (ParsedXML 1.3.1)
zope 2.7.0
python 2.3.3
Thanks for your time!
Aruna P

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