[Thomas Guettler]
> Our application is based on ZODB 3.2.1. Which version should be used for
> an update?

3.2.8 is current in the 3.2 line.

> In the ZODB Wiki I read that 3.3 has retired. But 3.4 is still in beta
> state.
> The 3.2 line has all the features we need. Nevertheless 3.2.1 needs to be
> updated, at least to the current 3.2.x release.
> What do you think?

Upgrade to 3.2.8 ASAP, and plan to move to 3.4; the 3.2 line has been in
bugfix-only mode for over a year, while 3.3+ have been growing valuable new
features (like, e.g., MVCC, savepoint/rollback, and auto-synch).  No bugfix
has gone into 3.2 that hasn't also gone into 3.3+3.4, BTW (except for some
3.2 bugs that didn't exist in 3.3 to begin with).

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