Shane Hathaway wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:

Currently, the ZODB cache can only be controlled via the maximal number
of objects. This makes configuration complex as the actual limiting
factor is the amount of available RAM and it is very difficult to
estimate the size of the objects in the cache.

I therefore propose the implementation of cache replacement policies
based on the estimated size of its objects.

+1 on this proposal.  Ideally, it should be possible to tell ZODB to use
either cPickleCache, your size controlled cache, or some other cache
implementation, upon opening the database.

Agreed.  This will, however, require a highly desireable
but major refactoring to surgically separate the persistence and
persistent cache implementations which are currently joined at the
hip. :)

(Note that Python 2.4 actually grew a feature, subclassing of
 weakrefs to facilitate this refactoring.)


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