On 6/3/05, Michel Pelletier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Yep, and there was much rejoicing! Sadly, I don't think Zope3 has
> > Catalog yet, does it?
> Yes 3.1 has a very nice catalog implementation that should be familiar
> enough to a ZCatalog user.  The Zope 3 version is much cleaner.  I would
> like to see something like Dieter's AdvancedQuery ported to it.

I just took a look. Wow, that implementation is indeed *much* cleaner.

The indexes will come straight out of there without changes. The
Catalog class that ties them together, will not. But, of course, it's
a fairly simple class and would be easy enough to create a version
without the Zope application hooks.

(I notice that the new Catalog has no Brains. Sure, the use of uidutil
is clearer, but it has a bit less flair than PluggableBrains :)

Is anyone else planning to package this up for use outside of Zope, or
should I go ahead and do that? I need it for my own use, so I might as
well share...

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