Dear people,

We have an application that makes use of a ZEO client and has other async 
socket code that implements
as POP3 proxy. The ZEO client is called (to query and store ZEO server) from 
within the proxy code when it runs during mail checks, so we have multiple 
async connections at the same time.

Somehow, a call to the ZEO client never returns, it just hangs and sits there.

In an attempt to fix this problem we added code to use a different socket map 
for the proxy objects,
the ZEO client uses the default asyncore socket_map. But that did NOT solve our 

At this point we are clueless to the reason behind this behaviour and hope that 
anyone on this
list has some ideas or similar experiences.

I realize this is a very terse description of our application, when necessary I 
can elaborate.

Best regards,
Paul Boots

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