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[Sidnei da Silva]
I would expect a 2.8.1 soon, as in no longer than 3 weeks from now tops.
There's this bug which I would consider 'serious' and another issue with
the last-minute inclusion of BTreeFolder2 breaking CMF 1.5. IANRM though.

I haven't seen anything about 2.8.1 yet from its release managers
(presumably still Andreas and Brian).  Andreas seems to be concentrating
on Zope 2.7.7 over the next few weeks.

The Plone guys asked about a 2.8.1 release for end of July/start of August which should not be a problem. Since they are working on making Plone 2.1 work with Zope 2.8 there is a good chance that further bugs show up which should be fixed for 2.8.1. So 2.8.1 b1 could be released in the last week of July and a final release maybe one or two weeks later (hopefully before my vacation in mid-August).


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