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[Andreas Jung]
The Plone guys asked about a 2.8.1 release for end of July/start of
August which should not be a problem. Since they are working on making
Plone 2.1 work with Zope 2.8 there is a good chance that further bugs
show up which should be fixed for 2.8.1. So 2.8.1 b1 could be released in
the last week of July and a final release maybe one or two weeks later
(hopefully before my vacation in mid-August).

For reference, looks like this info has been fleshed out & put the web
since you wrote the above:


and at the very bottom of that:

    2.8.1 b1: 2005/7/20
    2.8.1 final: 2005/08/03

This was my original plan but I pulled the dates to be one week later but obviously the the wiki page did not save (the [EMAIL PROTECTED] sucks).


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