Christian Heimes wrote:
I'm migrating CMF objects to Archetypes objects including metadata, security and so on.

Surely you mean hideous AT object to efficient CMF objects? <0.8 wink>

The migiration of a typical object takes about 0.2
to 1 sec including catalog updates. A folderish object with hundres to thousands of children requires much more time but that's the fault of the catalog. Every object is uncatalog and catalog again ... ugly, time consuming but required in Zope2. I'm wishing we have events ...

...and how exactly would events help with this?

(ATContentTypes). For a very large site like the migration was running about 1 to 2h.

I've had much success in doing this kind of thing using a stand alone ZEO client connecting script. In fact, zopectl run is a good way to go.

I actually have this wrapped up in a mintue little framework product, just need poking if people think it'd be worth releasing...

(the framwork lets you write a little class for each migration step, specify chains of steps to perform, and run it all from the command line, so if it takes 10hrs, you don't really mind. It also gives feedback on how it's progressing and does lots of logging, etc. (\r is a really useful character!)



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