invalidation-queue-size is described in ZEO/component.xml like so:

       The storage server keeps a queue of the objects modified by the
        last N transactions, where N == invalidation_queue_size.  This
        queue is used to speed client cache verification when a client
        disconnects for a short period of time.

Well, OK, but that doesn't tell me how to use it.
When would I want to make it larger?  When would I want to make it
smaller?  How do I verify that I've made things better or worse?

I just re-read Chris M.'s plone symposium slides,
...which says:

"""you may want to try tweaking the server's invalidation-queue-size if
the connection between your ZEO server and your clients is less than
reliable or if you frequently take your clients up and down.

Again, this is kinda vague about *how* to do this tweaking.
I don't even know how to tell if I need any tweaking.
All I know is that at least one of my zope servers has lost its
ZEO connection several times recently, so it seems to be
"less than reliable".

Google didn't turn up anything of interest either.


Paul Winkler
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