Hi there,

After some time of running it seems that my process has a lot of
ZEO.cache.Entry objects around... sys.getrefcount reports a huge
number of references (155989 when I only have 625 object references!).
I've run a memory profiler on my code which shows the number of
objects of class ZEO.cache.Entry (along with tuple and list) always
increasing. This happens even when I set the cache to a small value
(eg. 32k).

The only place I could find a similar report is in
http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1847 comment #7 where someone else
reported similarly high refcounts for ZEO.cache.Entry last month.

Is it normal to have an (apparently) unbounded increase in these
objects? Or maybe theres some cleaning mechanism and I just haven't
run the process long enough? Or maybe a bug?

Thanks for your help,
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