[Florent Guillaume]
> Can someone confirm or infirm the fact that __inform_commit__,
> __inform_abort__, __load__ and __save__ methods are totally obsolete with
> the current transaction/persistence machinery? They still appear in a
> number of places, like Shared/DC/ZRDB/TM.py
> They are still mentionned in http://www.python.org/workshops/1996-11/
> papers/Bobbase.html but I believe at least this part is obsolete.

1996 is long before my introduction to ZODB.  FWIW, none of those
double-double underscore names meant anything to me -- I'm sure no version
of ZODB I've worked on used them (so nothing >= ZODB 3.1).

Jim would probably know for sure, but he's out of touch for a few weeks.

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