On 4 Aug 2005, at 22:11, Tim Peters wrote:
[Florent Guillaume]

What part of the transaction/persistence code sets the _p_jar of a
persistent object to that of its parent when the object is assigned to a
persistent parent and transaction.commit(1) is called ?

I'm massively overloaded today, so it would really help if you could name
the version of ZODB you're wondering about ;-).

No problem, there's no hurry.

Latest ZODB 3.4 would do (I'm maintly interested in Zope 2.8 here.

I've seen something that look like what I want in ZODB.Connection.Connection.add, but I can't see who calls it.

To be clear, I'm interested in how the _p_jar happens on a new object that's just been created. Basically if you do:
# folder is a persistent object that has a _p_jar
folder.foo = Foo() # where Foo inherits from Persistent
# here folder.foo doesn't have a _p_jar
# here folder.foo has a _p_jar, how come ?

I think I've missed something in my code trawling ;)


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