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FYI, we are already using the before commit hooks with the order support
a lot within CPS.  (patches are applied for the current ordering branch)

As an Indexation Manager :

As an Event Manager :

It works well and it's really convenient for optimizations.



Tim Peters wrote:
> [Julien Anguenot]

>>ok I changed it as you mentionned above + the use of a global index on
>>the transaction for the bisect. Like this the complexity is removed.
> Thank you again, Julien!  It's "obviously right" now, and that's always a
> nice place to declare victory <wink>.
>>For the deprecations, I checked a little bit and I saw you're having lots
>>of custom warnings utils so I'll let you cope with this one ;)
> Right, I'll take it from here.  It's not just arranging to do the
> deprecation, it's also fooling the test suite into verifying that
> DeprecationWarning gets raised, but without spraying warnings to the
> console.  Some dark magic is involved, and I don't want to discourage you so
> soon from working on ZODB again ;-)
> I intend to get your branch merged into the trunk by the end of tomorrow.  I
> hoped to do it today, but Fred's working on another long-standing irritation
> today:  the code in ZODB 3.4/3.5's setup.py has nothing to do with the code
> that creates a ZODB release anymore, so those two ways of building+testing
> ZODB 3.4/3.5 have nothing in common anymore, and they do get out of synch.
> Fred is adding more intelligence to zpkg, primarily for Zope3, and we've
> been using ZODB trunk today as a simpler warmup exercise.  (This shouldn't
> make it any harder to merge your branch in the end, it's just making it
> harder to find quality time to work on it today.)

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