"Tim Peters" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>>> Proposal:  make BTree/Bucket setdefault() a two-argument function (3 if
>>> you count ``self`` too).  In practice, an explicit default is always
>>> passed, and not even in theory could we come up with a sane
>>> default-default that works across all tree types.
>> I think we can handle that without additional argument:
> Why even try?  Nobody presented a use case for leaving out the default, and,
> indeed, Python's default of None seems essentially useless even in Python.
Really, that usage of calling setdefault without explicit default is confusing 
and useless IMHO too. I just wanted to think about possible solution if 
someone ever could think about usefulness of setdefault without default, but 
definitely in that case {float,int,object}valuemacros.h is much better and 
easier, thanks for pointing that.


> I'm happy with the branch now.
Me too :) kudos to Tim!



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