Jim Fulton wrote:
I don't understand why keeping the order paremeter is such a big deal ?

Because it clutters the ZODB API with something that is, fundamentally
application policy.

Ok seen that way I agree. That's not the ZODB's job to decide what kind of API is provided to enforce policy.

 > But that only works if you have all the code in a single framework. If
 > Zope had a commit hook, and that CPS wanted to add another one that "ran
 > after Zope's", there would be no way to do it.

Right, they have to agree on a common API.  With the order gimmic,
this is a ZODB API. It could as easily be a higher-level API.

Since CPS in built on Zope, it could even be a Zope API that
CPS used.

Ok. We can go back to a simple API for the ZODB before commit hook (the one I originally checked in seems enough), but we need to decide what kind of higher level API we provide at the Zope level. Would an integer order be ok there ? And where should the code go ?


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