[Pierre Dumonceau]
> Thank you very much for your eye-opening answer. We thought that there
> could have been a memory leak because the memory was not returned to the
> OS. That degraded the performances of our application. After some search
> on the Web, we:
> * applied the patch from Evan Jones to the interpreter
>   (obmalloc-free-arenas). That proved useful in our case.
> * reduced the size of the ZODB connection pool as you advised to
>   one of your colleague
> Thank you very much for your time.

WRT #1, I'm afraid I'm on the critical path to getting Evan's patch into
Python, and I haven't been able to make enough spare time for it (it's a
non-trivial reviewing task).  I still hope it can get into Python 2.5,

WRT #2, sorry, I'm not even sure what it means ;-)  You mean you passed a
value smaller than 7 as DB()'s ``pool_size`` argument?

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