Toby Dickenson wrote at 2005-9-30 16:40 +0100:
>On Friday 30 September 2005 11:40, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> We have the need to mount dozens, if not hundreds of ZODBs in a single
>> Zope instance.
>> With the current implementation, each ZODB connection has its own
>> independent cache. This makes it very difficult to use the
>> available memory efficiently for caching. As the caches are independent,
>> a heavily used ZODB cannot use memory assigned to a lightly used ZODB.
>Each ZODB version also has its own cache. There is already a mechanism for 
>ensuring that lightly used versions do not hold on to memory indefinitely. 
>That should be much easier, and might just be adequate.

Thank you!

But I fear some of dozens (or even hundreds) of storages will not be
lightly used.

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