Chris McDonough wrote:

Last week, Christian Theune and I muscled the elderly ctheune- blobsupport-branch of ZODB into shape to work again against the ZODB trunk.

Yay!  Did you also resolve the code issues I pointed out
to Christian?  The original "workingness" was a bit suspect. :)

We ran into some "interesting" issues with supporting savepoints (difficult to do efficiently with blobs, so we didn't try), I added some somewhat suspect code to support blobs using a TmpStore, and we as always need to write some more tests, but it works and the result is on the blob-merge-branch of ZODB in SVN.

Could you eleborate or point at a document that does?

We also created a Zope branch to handle the ZODB head. Namely, we used multidatabase support. This is in the zodb-blobs-branch of Zope in SVN. This basically consisted of ripping out old DBTab code and replacing it with calls into ZODB's multidatabase support. It also works.

Yay.  Does this actually have anything to do with blobs?

I would rather have seen these two projects remain separate.

Is there a Bloc-specific ZODB branch now? Or is all of the work in a
Zope branch? (I'm a bit confused here.)

I'm still working on this in my downtime. If anyone else is interested in helping out, let me know!

Thanks for the work!  I'll try to squeeze in some time soon to review the 
blob code.  Where is it?


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